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New Agricultural Tires

Bastian Tire & Auto Centers has all the sizes and types of tires you might need for any Agricultural application. Bastian carries the “American Farmer” line from Specialty Tires of America, including Bias Rear, Front, and Implement tires. There is also a complete line of Off the Road, Construction, Military-style, Industrial, Bias Light and Medium truck tires, and Mining tires.

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GOODYEAR FARM TIRES” made by Titan Tire, feature a complete line of Radial and Bias rear farm tires for many different applications and soil conditions. The tire pictured, is the Goodyear “Ultratorque” Radial R-1, which features an open center tread, and a bar design that starts as a 45 degree and turns to a 23 degree angle for excellent pulling and side hill traction combined with a smoother ride when roading the equipment. Made in metric sizes to handle heavier loads at minimal air pressures which help reduce soil compaction.

TITAN TIRE” offers a complete line of Bias and Radial farm tires for all of the applications needed in the Ag Industry. From lawn and garden and ATV tires, to Field Sprayers, Combines and Tractors of all sizes and horsepower ranges, Titan Tire has a tire to fit your machine and terrain. The tire pictured is Titan’s “Hi-Traction Lug R-1 Bias, which features Titan’s Long-Bar/Medium Bar tread pattern. The design promotes even wear and helps eliminate side-to-side rocking.

TRELLEBORG” has been a leader and innovator in the Global tire industry for many years. They manufacture rear farm Radial and Bias tires at their facility in Italy, and many other types of tires for Construction, Off-The-Road, Industrial, and Flotation tires in the U.S and other global locations. Last year, Trelleborg introduced their “Rubber Replacement Tracks” system to the U.S. market to compliment their current line of Pneumatic and Solid Tires for Skid-Loaders, Mini-Excavators, Track Loaders and other utility machines that have Rubber Tracks. The Trelleborg Rubber Track system, “TRT-900”, is application specific for your make and model of machine. It features a continuous wound cable technology, 100% forged metal pieces, brass coated cable bundles, a three stage natural rubber compound, and a short pitch low vibration Anti De-tracking system.

MICHELIN AGRICULTURAL TIRES” for Tractors, Combines, Sprayers, Wagons, Tanks, Backhoes, Skid Loaders, Flotation, and most other Ag applications are also available from Bastian Tire. Michelin specializes in tires for High Horsepower Tractors, High Flotation and Heavy load capacity tires for farming as well as other areas of Construction and Industrial usage. Michelin offers most conventional size radials as well as European and Wide Profile sizes for many types of equipment.

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  • 24 Hour Service - on the road or in the field
  • Rim and Wheel Refurbishing available for heavy truck wheels and rims
  • Tire Retreads Oliver retreading for Heavy Duty and Light Truck Tires, with the most up-to-date equipment and tread designs available.
  • Polyfill (flat proofing) service available for any size tire
  • Sealants

  • New Truck/Light-Truck Tires
  • Equipped to handle Heavy Truck Alignment and Oversized Vehicle Service
  • Tire Chains
  • Spin Balancing
  • Liquid Pump & Fill
  • Rim-Guard